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Colin Sharpe
July 31, 2019

Las Catalinas House Moms: A Local Take on Service and Luxury

While staying in Las Catalinas, guests have the opportunity to become a true resident of town, settling into the easygoing Guanacaste way of life and connecting to the spirit of this lively community. A big part of this experience are town’s House Moms, who act as your host for the time that you’re ...

Colin Sharpe
July 31, 2019

The Art of Doors in Las Catalinas

Before you enter the majesty of a palace, the coziness of your home, or the solemnity of a small stone chapel in the mountains, that step from the outside world to the interior one is made through a door. A door can be a very simple element, but it can also make us feel a deep sentiment, or even ...

For the Endless Summer in Costa Rica: Some of Our Favorite Ways to Use the Pools in Las Catalinas

For the Endless Summer in Costa Rica: Some of Our Favorite Ways to Use the Pools in town.   One of the benefits of living in the tropics is that, in one way or another, it’s always summertime. The seasons change, switching from dry season to green season, and each has their own character, but one ...

The Beauty of Summers in Las Catalinas, and Why You Should Go South

When people think of summer vacations, they rarely think of going south. After all, in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, things get warmer as you go further south, and to most people the summer tends to be warm enough already.

Fun for Kids on Beaches, Trails, and the Waves | Connect Ocean Explorer Camps

Summers are best spent outside, setting out as soon as the sun breaks the horizon to find friends for long days of adventure, and returning home for dinner with minds racing and full of new discoveries. And there’s no place better for a kid to spend summer than Las Catalinas. Walkable streets offer ...

Colin Sharpe
April 25, 2019

5 Alternatives to the Typical Luxury Resort in Latin America

Resort vacations have been a staple in Latin American tourism for nearly a century. The charms are obvious — relaxation in a beautiful setting, luxurious accommodations, and a worry-free experience.


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